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Alcohol Offenses, Including Public Intoxication

An experienced attorney like The Law Office of Dave Stockwell knows about any loopholes or inconsistencies in the system that could work in your favor. We are more than qualified to examine all of the evidence and help you make your case. We strive to provide reliable service in Norman, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area.


Other Alcohol-Related Offenses

As well as DUI penalties, there are other alcohol-related crimes for which you can be arrested. Public intoxication and minor in possession of alcohol are two of the more common charges. Receiving a conviction for either of these crimes could inhibit your ability to get a good job or affect your standing in school. If you're looking to land in a lucrative career, getting kicked out of school for an alcohol-related offense can be a hindrance.

If you are later arrested for other crimes, the prosecuting attorney will not be as inclined to offer a reasonable recommendation to resolve your case. You already have a history of alcohol-related crimes—that can be used against you.

Alcohol-Related Crimes & Higher Education

You may lose your scholarship or government funding for your tuition. If you attend the University of Oklahoma, you might receive a "strike" and have additional punishment. You may be required to obtain a new place to live if you live in student housing. While these crimes seem minor, if not handled properly, you could end up with a conviction, a criminal record, and possible expulsion from the university. Call Dave Stockwell today and let him start working for you.