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General Criminal Defense Law

The Law Office of Dave Stockwell is located in Norman, Oklahoma, and it represents clients charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes throughout the state. Our law firm has broad experience in Oklahoma criminal law and criminal procedure, defending clients accused of the following offenses:

• Probation & Parole
• Assault, Battery, Robbery, & Other Violent Crimes
• Expungement, Expunction, & Record Sealing
• Burglary & Theft-Related Offenses
• Domestic Abuse & Domestic Violence Charges
• Drug & Narcotic Offenses (Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug Manufacturing, & Distribution of Controlled Substances, including Marijuana, Cocaine, & Methamphetamine)
• Drunk Driving, Driving under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), & Other Alcohol-Related Crimes
• Firearms, Gun Possession, & Other Weapon Offenses
• Juvenile Delinquency & Juvenile Crimes
• Traffic Violations, Speeding, License Suspensions, & Other Moving Violations
• White Collar Crimes, Embezzlement, Fraud, Theft, & Vandalism