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Defense Against DUI & Other Criminal Charges

Dealing with drunk driving charges is often a frightening and overwhelming experience. In many cases, you face significant fines, a revoked license, and possible jail time if ultimately convicted.

At The Law Office of Dave Stockwell, we understand how difficult these charges can be, which is why we are dedicated to providing each one of our clients with an effective DUI defense strategy. Whether you are facing your first DUI, a repeat DUI, or charges related to a breathalyzer refusal, we can help explain your legal options and vigorously protect your rights.

Dave Stockwell has a deep understanding of all aspects of Oklahoma DUI law, including the intricacies of law enforcement investigations. Quite simply, we have the knowledge and skill to help you. Here are 10 things you need to know if a police officer stops you for a DUI.

• Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Are Voluntary, Meaning You Can Politely Decline to Take Them
• Even If You Fail a Breath Test, You May Have Legal Options Available
• Being Accused of DUI and Convicted Are 2 Very Different Things
• Calling an Attorney Sooner Rather than Later Is 1 of the Best Ways to Help Your Case
• Repeat DUI Offenders Face Larger Penalties, Making It Even More Important to Quickly Contact Our Firm so We Have the Time to Prepare Your Best Defense
• A DUI Conviction on Your Record May Limit Your Employment Opportunities, Which Is 1 Reason We Work so Hard to Develop a Strategy to Help You
• If You Are a Student at the University of Oklahoma, a DUI May Result in a "Strike" on Your Academic Record, Resulting in You Losing Your Student Aid or Scholarships
• A DUI Can Result in a License Suspension or Revocation
• Stay Calm and Know That Your Rights Will Be Protected When You Have an Attorney Working for You
• A Call to The Law Office of Dave Stockwell Doesn't Cost a Penny, & We Can Give You the Answers You're Looking for.